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Tell the EPA to rein in fracking in northern Colorado.
Fracking in Colorado
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The Denver Metro and North Front Range area has suffered from dangerous levels of smog for more than 15 years.  

Urge the Biden administration to finalize its plan to strengthen smog regulation in northern Weld County to protect Denver and Colorado's Front Range from dangerous oil and gas production.

Smog, made up mainly of ground-level ozone, causes a variety of problems, including asthma attacks and even death — and it damages native trees like ponderosa pine and aspens. Fracking for oil and methane gas is a primary cause of this smog. Unfortunately, the Trump administration let fracking in northern Weld County off the hook for its pollution. So the Center took the Environmental Protection Agency to court and won.

Here's where you come in: Tell the EPA now is the time to protect our public health by cleaning up oil and gas operations in Weld County.

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Photo of fracking in Colorado by WildEarth Guardians/Flickr.

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