Help Ban Coyote-Killing Contests in Nevada

Tell the state’s wildlife commission to put an end to this horrific practice.
Coyote pups
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Coyote-killing contests are gruesome spectacles in which entrants compete to kill the most coyotes in a 24-hour period for prizes like automatic weapons. These bloody events often end with dozens of dead coyotes piled in a ditch on the side of the road. 

The Nevada Board of Wildlife Commissioners is considering banning coyote-killing contests in the state. Let the board know you strongly support this action.

These contests can alter pack dynamics and coyote reproductive ecology, potentially leading to increases in coyote-human conflict. They’re destructive to healthy ecosystems, in which all native species play crucial roles. They’re not based on fair-chase, ethical hunting standards. And they don’t reflect how most Nevadans feel about the importance of conserving and cherishing our wildlife. 

Tell the Nevada Board of Wildlife Commissioners to stop this exploitation of wildlife and ban unsporting coyote-killing contests.

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Photo of coyote pups by Tom Talbott/Flickr.

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