Get Trump a Going-away Gift: A Shiny New Suit

We won't stop fighting to save wildlife and wild places.
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Hi Everyaction,

Trump will be packing his bags and leaving the White House soon, so now's the time to get him the perfect going-away present: a lawsuit to save wildlife.

All told we've launched 249 legal actions to block Trump's attacks on the wild.

We're not stopping. And when it's needed, we won't stop fighting under the next administration either.

This is the perfect day to give a gift to the wild. Every donation to our Saving Life on Earth Fund will be doubled.

Our resistance to Trump has been fierce. We've filed more legal actions against his administration than other groups many times our size. And we've won the lion's share of the suits that have concluded.

But threats remain. With the lethal combination of the extinction crisis and climate emergency, there's no time to lose.

Hundreds of species are still in limbo waiting on protection decisions.

The global wildlife trade must be curbed to prevent future pandemics.

The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge has to be kept free of oil and gas wells.

And the lifesaving power of the Endangered Species Act has to be restored.

As long as the government keeps hanging wildlife and habitat out to dry, we'll keep going to court to fight back.

And we'll keep winning. Over the past year, the Sierra Nevada red fox, Hermes copper butterfly, two Missouri crayfishes and a Colorado wildflower were proposed for Endangered Species Act protection. The eastern black rail, a secretive marsh bird, gained protection.

The Humboldt marten gained federal protection as "threatened" after a 10-year battle, and the Southern Sierra Nevada fisher received protection as "endangered" after a battle that had lasted two decades.

We're in court now to save the Endangered Species Act, the bedrock environmental law gutted by Trump's lackeys that, since 1973, has staved off extinction for 99% of the species under its care.

Your support of our fight for to save nature is the gift that will keep on giving — every lawsuit, every court order, every legislative victory will stand as a testimony to your love of the wild world.

For the wild,

Kierán Suckling

Kierán Suckling
Executive Director
Center for Biological Diversity


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