Free the Ocklawaha River

Tell Gov. Ron DeSantis to bring down the Rodman Dam.
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The Ocklawaha River is the heart of the Great Florida Riverway — a vast, 217-mile river system that reaches from the Green Swamp in central Florida to the Atlantic Ocean. But it's being suffocated by the Rodman Dam.

It's time for that dam to come down.

When it was built in 1968, the dam flooded more than 7,500 acres of forested wetlands, 20 springs and 16 miles of the Ocklawaha River. The continued decline of water quality, spring flow, wetland forests, fish, wildlife and recreation led American Rivers to designate the Ocklawaha River as one of America's "most endangered rivers" of 2020.

Restoring the Great Florida Riverway by removing Rodman Dam will re-establish access to essential habitat for threatened manatees, bring back migratory fish and connect three river ecosystems.

It is time for Gov. Ron DeSantis to use his executive power and remove the Rodman Dam to free the Ocklawaha River and restore the Great Florida Riverway.

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