Four Exciting Dam-removal Projects to Watch

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No. 50, Oct. 18, 2018

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Welcome to the 50th edition of our weekly newsletter. We're glad you're here, and we have a big batch of positive environmental stories to thank you for reading.

First up: four important dam-removal projects around the United States. These four projects show not only how much work goes into these efforts, but how many benefits they can provide. Find out what to expect as the dams come down.

It's election season, and the environment is on the ballot. Across the country, state ballot initiatives will try to address issues like solar power, offshore drilling, clean water and carbon pollution. These states are testing if they can counter the environmental rollbacks coming from the Trump administration. See what people are voting on in next month's election.

In other state news, recreational shark fishing is legal in Florida, but it imperils several threatened species, including hammerhead sharks. Scientist David Shiffman has some policy recommendations on how to protect sharks from these sometimes-cruel practices.

How can more people get involved in environmental issues? For answers we turned to Ellery Grimm, one of the teenage activists who organized the recent Zero Hour Climate March. He shares what they've learned and how others can follow in their footsteps.

Finally, last month's hurricane caused floods of dangerous animal waste in North Carolina. The bacteria-laden feces came from the state's notoriously large pig farms, which are often exempt from environmental regulations. What would it take to prevent another pig-poop apocalypse? Experts tell us state and federal governments need to change the way big producers do business — and consumers need to start eating less meat.

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John R. Platt
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