Fossil Fuel Industry Documents Reveal the Truth

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No. 89, July 18, 2019

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Fighting climate change often means holding people and companies responsible for their greenhouse gas emissions. That's why a new collection of fossil fuel industry documents matters — it's a treasure trove of history and information freely available to journalists, lawyers, legislators and activists, as well as the public. Read all about it in our latest essay.

Coyotes have found new homes throughout the country, including the metropolis of San Francisco. That's creating a need to adapt — for both people and the wild canines. We interviewed photographer Janet Kessler, who's been documenting the behavior of the city's coyotes.

Capitalism, cowboys and corruption are the terrible combination ruining the western United States, according to the powerful (and occasionally depressing) new book, This Land, by journalist Christopher Ketcham. We have a review.

We're lucky to have some great environmental news outlets in the United States, but what about other countries? As Pulitzer Prize-winner Eric Freedman explains in this essay, reporting on the environment helps support democracy. But not every nation's media is equipped to cover these important issues.

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Let's go a little deeper. Here are five additional stories that we're watching this week.

1. The planet experienced its hottest June on record last month, and heat waves are continuing into July — with temps at the tip of the Canadian Arctic shattering records.

2. The Trump administration announced its intention to move most of its Washington, D.C.-based BLM staff out West and open a new headquarters in Grand Junction, Colo.

3. The birth of two new chicks has pushed the number of California condors over 1,000, marking a huge conservation win for a species whose numbers crashed to just 22 in the 1980s.

4. New research finds that cheating diesel cars, like those from Volkswagen and other companies, substantially harm the health of kids.

5. Can we just replace regular plastic with products made from plants? This story has the scoop on why that's not an easy question to answer.

In case you missed it:

Climate change is bringing ticks — and Lyme disease — to new parts of the country. Can state agencies and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention respond in time?

What should we cover next?

Drop us a line anytime. We welcome your ideas and inside scoops.

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