Florida Bats and Beetles Need Your Help

Take action to stop destructive sprawl in Miami.
Miami tiger beetle and Florida bonneted bat
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Two of Florida's rarest species could soon lose some of their last, best habitat if we don't speak up. The Miami-Dade County Commission is considering leasing several acres next to Zoo Miami for developers to build a waterpark, hotel and parking lot.

But this rare pine-rockland forest is home to imperiled Miami tiger beetles and endangered Florida bonneted bats, among other species. The area is a lifeboat for them in an already-overdeveloped county with seemingly endless construction.
Tell the Miami-Dade County commissioners to honor the area's natural heritage by working to protect, not sell out, these precious acres of pine rocklands.

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Photo of Miami tiger beetle by Jonathan Mays/Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission; Florida bonneted bat by Kathleen Smith/Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

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