End Colorado's Cruel Wildlife-killing Contests

Urge state officials to ban this barbaric practice.
Center for     Biological     Diversity   


Each year in Colorado countless coyotes, foxes and other wildlife suffer and die in cruel killing contests, where event organizers offer prizes like cash or weapons to hunters who kill the most or the largest animals.

It's sickening, and we have to stop it.

Encouraging the killing of the state's native wildlife by giving out prizes for it is not only cruel and unsporting, it's ecologically harmful. These killing contests disregard the many important roles carnivores play, such as keeping rodents in check. Such blood sport also puts non-target animals — like endangered wolves just returning to Colorado — at risk of being shot.

Speak up for Colorado's wildlife and tell state officials to end these cruel killing contests.

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Photo of coyote pups in Colorado by Jim Kennedy/Flickr.

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