Don't Let Industry Electrocute and Poison Migrating Birds

Millions of birds could be killed if the Trump rule letting corporations off the hook for their deaths is allowed to stand.
Sandhill cranes
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Shortly after taking office, the Trump administration radically reinterpreted the Migratory Bird Treaty Act to no longer prohibit industrial activities that kill hundreds of species of waterfowl, raptors and songbirds.

Now Interior Department Secretary David Bernhardt is rushing to finalize this rule before he and Trump pack their bags.

Tell Bernhardt to rescind this cruel and senseless policy.

This is yet another corporate giveaway — and one that will have a disastrous effect on birds, who are already disappearing at alarming rates. It will lead to the slaughter of millions.

Even Trump's U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, in its analysis for moving forward with the rule, admitted it would have "negative effects" on birds. This understatement would be laughable if so many birds' lives weren't at stake.

For decades the Act has required utilities to fix their electric lines so they don't electrocute birds. It has required mining and drilling companies to cover their waste ponds so birds don't land on them. These and so many other common-sense protections have now been thrown in the trash.

Let Bernhardt know this rule is unacceptable.

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Photo of sandhill cranes by Mary Carlson/USFWS.

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