Desert Bighorns, Tortoises and Mountain Lions Need Your Help

Speak up for wildlife crossings for this rail project.
Desert bighorn sheep
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High-speed rail is a climate-smart solution that gets cars off interstates. But to be truly environmentally friendly, rail projects must not fragment habitat for wildlife.

Tell Gov. Newsom and Caltrans to ensure that wildlife connectivity is protected in the construction of the Brightline high-speed rail project.

Connecting Victorville to Vegas, the rail line will occupy the center median of I-15. The project includes a 170-mile barrier of concrete wall topped by chain-link fencing that will stop wildlife in their tracks. That loss of habitat connectivity for wildlife like desert bighorn sheep, desert tortoises, mountain lions, badgers and desert kit foxes will further fragment and isolate their populations.

The good news is that the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, the National Park Service and scientists have identified three crossings that can be constructed to allow the safe passage of wildlife over the rail line. 

Building the wildlife crossings is the right thing to do — and an investment that will pay off for imperiled species and the safety of I-15 drivers. But Brightline is balking at the additional construction costs.  

Tell Gov. Newsom and Caltrans to require Brightline to build these critical wildlife crossings.

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Photo of desert bighorn sheep by Robb Hannawacker/Flickr.

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