Demand Climate Leadership at the White House

Join this climate action at the White House Oct. 11-15.
People vs. Fossil Fuels
Center for     Biological     Diversity   


We’re at a crossroads. Our elected officials have failed to stop the fossil fuel projects that are feeding the flames of climate chaos. We must defend communities and wildlife threatened by the climate emergency by demanding real leadership.

Join us at the White House Oct. 11-15 for the People vs. Fossil Fuels protests for climate justice.

We can't avoid the most catastrophic effects of climate change unless we rapidly transition from fossil fuels to clean, renewable energy. 

Community leaders are calling on people to take action at the White House next week — and consider joining in nonviolent civil disobedience. Together we’ll demand that President Biden reject fossil fuel projects and declare a climate emergency to launch a just, renewable energy revolution.

Join us in the fight for our climate future.

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