Defend Wolf Creek Pass From Land Grab

Take action to save these wilderness-quality public lands.
Wolf Creek Pass
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A big-shot billionaire is trying to snatch some of the last, best national forest land in Colorado — a place loved and visited by people throughout the Southwest.  

We need your help saying no to the Forest Service.

The Valle Seco Land Exchange would trade 200 acres of roadless area below the west side of Wolf Creek Pass for private lands south of Pagosa Springs. It would privatize wilderness-quality land while blocking public access to the San Juan River.

Even worse, the protected land would become part of a private ranch owned by the head of the energy giant behind the notorious Dakota Access Pipeline. He's also a mega-donor to President Trump.  

This is a terrible deal for the public and must be stopped. Act now to insist that the Forest Service drop plans for the proposed land exchange.

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Photo from Colorado's Wolf Creek Pass by Jacqueline Poggi/Flickr.

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