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No. 173, Feb. 25, 2021

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Climate change will make extreme weather events like last week's polar vortex more frequent and more dangerous. That will put people and communities at risk, but these events have also started to take a toll on wildlife and could push some species to the brink.

The power outage in Texas exposed big flaws in its utility structure. Environmental law expert Dan Farber says the severe winter weather revealed the need for a climate-resilient energy system.

In future disasters, the batteries in electric vehicles could help power homes and buildings and save lives — but only if automakers, utilities, emergency planners and regulators start working now to figure it out.

Picture this:

Acclaimed wildlife photographer Melissa Groo explains the need for better ethics when it comes to creating and sharing images of wild animals.

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Here are five more stories we're watching this week.  

1. "A Looming Disaster: New Data Reveal Where Flood Damage Is an Existential Threat" (NPR)

2. "Global Freshwater Fish Populations at Risk of Extinction, Study Finds" (The Guardian)

3. "What's Really Behind Corporate Promises on Climate Change?" (The New York Times)

4. "Bad Water Sickens First Nations. But Government Doesn't Track the Toll" (The Tyee)

5. "Facebook to Debunk Climate Change Myths" (The Hill)

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Stay tuned for a look at one of the world's most important ecosystems — and the youth helping to save it.

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John R. Platt
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Photo credit: Key deer after Hurricane Irene by Carol Lyn Parrish.

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