Carbon-offset Schemes Do More Harm Than Good

Tell California to reject this proposed cap-and-trade plan.
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Earlier this month United Nations experts confirmed what we've long known. To protect our planet and communities from the very worst effects of the climate crisis, we need to rapidly transition away from fossil fuels.

California regulators should be doing just that by requiring companies to cut their own carbon pollution. But instead state officials are considering a critical step toward creating a controversial new policy that would let the oil industry and other polluters off the hook with carbon "offsets."

Tell the California Air Resources Board to withdraw its proposed scheme to let polluters buy carbon offsets while continuing to pollute our air and water.

When you buy an offset, you're paying someone to cut their emissions so you don't have to. The proposed new policy would allow companies to continue to pollute in California. The offsets they buy would support efforts to lower carbon pollution abroad by reducing tropical deforestation.

Offset programs sound good, but they're deeply flawed. The standards used to track the carbon output aren't reliable, and they're difficult to enforce. In places like Brazil and Indonesia, these policies have a disturbing track record of disrupting indigenous communities and the surrounding ecosystems. And here at home, they give industry a license to continue spewing toxic air pollution in low-income areas and communities of color.  

Send a letter today urging state officials to discard this dirty plan.

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