Bring Down the Dams to Save Salmon and Orcas

Business as usual will no longer work.
Southern Resident killer whale chasing salmon
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Four outdated dams on the lower Snake River are wiping out once-thriving salmon populations and, as a result, depriving the Pacific Northwest's endangered orcas of their main food source. The only option to save both of these species is to remove the dams.

Earlier this year we pushed hard for this action. But a decision recently made by the federal government ignored the scientifically supported proposal to remove the dams and instead chose to continue business as usual. We don't have time to wait any longer — dam removal is the only way to recover the ecosystem and save salmon and orcas.

Please send a message to your elected officials demanding action. This is the time for governors and senators to step up: The status quo will lead to extinction.

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Photo of Southern Resident killer whale chasing salmon courtesy Oregon State University/Flickr.

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