Breaking: We're in Court Today to Save Grizzlies

Grizzly bears could be in the crosshairs of trophy hunters if they lose their endangered species protection.
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Hi Everyaction,

Yellowstone's iconic grizzly bears get their day in court today.

The Trump administration wants to overturn our hard-fought victory to keep them protected under the Endangered Species Act and safe from trophy hunters. We're not about to let that happen.

Our lawyers will be arguing in front of a three-judge panel today to ensure these bears have the lifesaving protections they need.

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The administration tried to strip Yellowstone grizzly protections in 2017 — and we won in court a year later, stopping potential trophy hunts of one of our country's most beloved species.

But the administration is still at it, ignoring science and legal precedent to remove federal protection for these bears.

Grizzly bears are dying at rates not seen before. It's way too soon to take away their protection, and so far the courts have agreed.

But we're not just protecting grizzly bears today. We're also defending science and the rule of law.

This is the fight we've been in for over 30 years. And that fight has taken on sharper clarity as we experience the effects of a pandemic likely caused by the way people have treated wildlife and their habitat.

To save life on Earth we must fight for each and every species, as we're doing today for Yellowstone's grizzlies. And we must do so by trusting in science — and keeping in place the laws that protect wildlife.

We know how to win.
We know what it will take to save grizzlies and all wildlife. We can do it — but we need you with us.

Please make a matched gift now to the Saving Life on Earth Fund.

For the wild,

Kierán Suckling

Kierán Suckling
Executive Director
Center for Biological Diversity


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Photo of grizzly with cub by Frank van Manen/USGS/Flickr.
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