Breaking: EPA Allows Wildlife-killing 'Cyanide Bombs'

Take action to ban these devices that poison people, pets and wildlife.
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The Trump administration just said it's OK to use M-44 "cyanide bombs" to kill wildlife.

These small, metal-cylinder traps are staked into the ground and covered with bait that lures coyotes, foxes and other unsuspecting wildlife — then cruelly shoots sodium-cyanide powder into their faces. The result is horrible poisoning followed by death.

After waffling on the decision earlier this year, the Environmental Protection Agency just refused to ban the controversial devices. So now's the time to let the agency know this is unacceptable.

Send a letter to the EPA insisting that it protect wildlife and ban the use of sodium cyanide in M-44s.

These devices are a favorite of USDA's Wildlife Services, the rogue government wildlife-killing program that used them to slaughter more than 6,500 animals last year. The indiscriminate devices also pose a high risk to endangered animals such as grizzly bears, lynx and wolves. They've killed numerous family dogs and even injured a child.

With intentional and accidental deaths stacking up, the EPA can't ignore the risks. Tell the agency to ban this deadly poison once and for all.

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Photo of coyotes courtesy NPS.

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