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No. 113, Jan. 2, 2020

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Happy New Year! We're excited to spend another year bringing you environmental news and ideas you won't see other places.

Up first: What will be the biggest stories to watch in 2020? From climate change to public lands to the Supreme Court, read our predictions for the coming year's top headline grabbers.

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1. An investigation found that a 2017 Trump administration policy "clarification" in the Migratory Bird Treaty Act has discouraged precautionary efforts to protect birds and has essentially ended punishment for industry-caused bird deaths.

2. Winter sports companies are hoping to mobilize their customers into a political force to fight climate change.

3. The Endangered Species Act could suffer another blow if the Interior Department's plans to set a definition for "habitat" in the law is too narrow to adequately protect species.

4. New Mexico's White Sands National Monument is now the country's newest national park.

5. Hungry for urchins? The company Urchinomics is hoping diners can curb exploding populations of sea urchins, which are decimating kelp forests in the Pacific Ocean.

In case you missed it:

Construction of the border wall threatens a number of species, including a rare cactus called the night-blooming cereus.

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Tara Lohan

Tara Lohan
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