Betrayed by Trump, Wolverines Urgently Need Help

To save wolverines and other species, we must save the Endangered Species Act.
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At only three feet long, American wolverines are fierce enough to scare off wolves and bears.

But without the snow they need to den and raise families, the 300 wolverines that are left in the lower 48 states won't survive. They need protection now. Instead, President Donald Trump has condemned them to extinction.

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The Trump administration has betrayed these feisty snow-dwelling animals, refusing to give them the federal protection they desperately need. Now the last that are left south of Canada could be gone within decades.

Wolverines are caught in an extinction spiral as the spring snowpack they need to live melts away and the climate crisis accelerates.

But the politicians calling the shots are dead set on keeping them off the endangered species list.

Wolverines are the latest pawns in the greedy, callous game being played by Trump and his Interior Secretary David Bernhardt, a game intent on shoring up destructive industries and selling out the rest of us — endangered species first.

With a possible one million species doomed to disappear in this century alone, the Trump administration is going all out to weaken the most powerful environmental law we have to stop those extinctions.

We're fighting every day not just for species at risk now, but for the lifesaving Endangered Species Act, which will be needed to save countless others in the future.

All of them are counting on us.

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For the wild,

Kierán Suckling

Kierán Suckling
Executive Director
Center for Biological Diversity


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