An Environmental Election, Wolves and the Supreme Court

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No. 157, Nov. 5, 2020

Hello Revelator readers,

At press time the presidential race of 2020 remains too close to call, but while we wait for those votes to be tallied, let's take a moment to step back and look at some big-picture environmental takeaways from election season.

Meanwhile, last week the Trump administration moved to remove protection from gray wolves.

The Supreme Court, now with an ultra-conservative bent, will soon hear four key environmental cases.

Looking to brighten your day a bit? Check out these environmental Instagram accounts for a dose of inspiration.

From the archives:

In addition to the election, earlier this week was One Health Day, promoting "the interconnection between people, animals, plants and their shared environment." We've done several videos about One Health, which you can find here.

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Here are five more stories we're watching this week.  

1. "The U.S. Just Left the Paris Climate Agreement" (Vox)

2. "Barrett Makes Supreme Court Debut in Environmental Documents Case" (Bloomberg Law)

3. "Americans May Add Five Times More Plastic to the Oceans Than Thought" (The New York Times)

4. "Rewilding Key to Averting Mass Extinctions and Reducing Carbon Emissions" (Mongabay)

5. "How Jeff Bezos Is Spending His $10 Billion Earth Fund" (The Atlantic)

What should we cover next?

Our stories rely on insight from experts, frontline activists and readers around the world — especially these days, when so much damage is being done behind the scenes, out of the public eye. We want to hear from you, so please drop us a line anytime.

Coming up:

Our election coverage will continue as the winners and losers emerge. We'll also take a look at hidden habitats, sustainable energy and a whole lot more.

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As always, thank you for reading. Stay safe and stay motivated.

John R. Platt

John R. Platt
Editor, The Revelator


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