Alaska Refuges Aren't Trophy-hunter Amusement Parks

Take action to stop this brutal Trump administration proposal.
Alaska grizzlies
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Trophy hunters are celebrating another handout from the Trump administration. A new proposal would allow even more thrill-killing of grizzly bears, wolves, lynx and other iconic animals living in Alaska's Kenai National Wildlife Refuge.

Tell the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to drop this sick plan and keep the Kenai a haven for wildlife.

The proposal would roll back Obama-era regulations that banned cruel and ecologically destructive hunting methods on the refuge — such as allowing the shooting of grizzlies after baiting them with donuts and bacon grease, or ensnaring them with painful leghold traps.

These tactics have the sole purpose of artificially inflating populations of elk and deer — again, for hunters to kill.

Speak out today and help stop this vile, unsportsmanlike plan from becoming a reality.

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Photo of Alaska grizzly bears by Gregory "Slobirdr" Smith/Flickr.

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