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#Earth2Trump Resistance Movement Arrives in D.C.

It's on. The Center for Biological Diversity's #Earth2Trump tour arrived in Washington, D.C., this week with resistance messages from more than 150,000 people around the country.

Our nationwide tour -- with roadshows in 16 cities from coast to coast -- drew more than 5,500 people over the past three weeks in the country's biggest, broadest grassroots organizing campaign focused on resisting Trump's attacks on the environment and civil rights. Every show -- from Seattle, Oakland and Los Angeles to Denver, Chicago and Houston -- was at capacity, including our biggest in St. Augustine, Fla., which drew more than 1,000 people.

Last night we had a big rally in D.C., where more than 250 people got to hear Congressman Jamie Raskin, Rev. Lennox Yearwood of the Hip Hop Caucus and Keya Chatterjee of the US Climate Action Network fire up the crowd and Kierán Suckling, the Center's executive director, lay out the Center's commitment to four years' of resistance, power and compassion.

Thanks to all who attended, our local partners who were essential at each stop, and those who supported us from afar. By building alliances and a unified movement, we're forming the only wall America needs: a firewall shielding the environment, endangered species, women's rights, equality and civil liberties from Trump and his corrupt system.

We've got a huge week planned. Read on for more details.

Center Leaders Honored at D.C. Peace Ball

Peace Ball 2017

Tonight Kierán Suckling and Peter Galvin, two of the Center's founders, will be honored as special guests at the Peace Ball, along with Naomi Klein, Alice Walker, Solange and Center supporter Esperanza Spalding.

The Peace Ball, hosted by Democracy Now! at the National Museum of African American History and Culture, is themed "Voices of Hope and Resistance." We're excited to be part of this event and stand alongside so many of our allies in the movement.

Earth2Trump Globe

#Earth2Trump to Join Massive Inauguration Protest in D.C.

On Friday more than a dozen Center staff -- plus our mascot Frostpaw the Polar Bear -- will lead thousands of #Earth2Trump protesters at Donald Trump's inauguration. We'll be bringing our globe full of personalized messages from people around the country, as well as more than 150,000 pledges to resist Trump's extremist agenda.

"The energy at these Earth2Trump events was incredible. We're arriving in D.C. with the momentum of a major national movement that will oppose every item on Trump's radical agenda," said the Center's director Kierán Suckling. "With thousands of newly empowered people on our side, we'll fiercely resist policies and appointees that hurt wildlife, poison our air and water, destroy our climate, promote racism, misogyny or homophobia, or marginalize entire segments of our society."

Gray wolf

Our 100-day Plan to Resist Trump

Rather than waiting to see Donald Trump's plan for his first 100 days in office, the Center has drawn up our own to-do list for resistance during the earliest days of his term.

Our 23-point action plan includes:

  • Hire 10 new attorneys, investigators and activists to aggressively hold the administration accountable when it violates America's federal environmental laws.
  • Fight the confirmation of Trump's extremist, financially conflicted, unqualified cabinet nominations.
  • Prevent the repeal, revocation or weakening of our country's bedrock environmental laws and regulations, from the Endangered Species Act to the Clean Power Plan.
  • Defeat efforts to give away federal public lands or turn their management over to states and corporations.
  • Strengthen alliances with groups fighting for gender and racial equality; American Indian sovereignty; LGBTQ rights; freedom of speech, press and religion; workers' rights and other civil rights and values.

Women's March on Washington

Center Partners With Women's March

The Center will have a strong contingent of staff at the massive Women's March on Washington this Saturday in D.C. -- as well as at solidarity "sister marches" in cities across the country, including San Francisco, Portland and Tucson. We're also an official partner in the D.C. march.

This will be a historic gathering of people standing together to send a bold message to our new administration -- and to the world -- that women's rights are human rights. Defending the most marginalized among us is defending us all.

Find out more about the Women's March and partners.

Earth2Trump Messages

150,000 Sign Pledge of Resistance to Trump... Have You?

More than 150,000 people nationwide have signed the Center's Pledge of Resistance to Trump's dangerous agenda -- both online and in person on our #Earth2Trump tour. We're building a vast network of resistance that will endure over the next four years against Trump's assault on America's clean air, clean water, climate, wildlife, civil rights, reproductive rights, gender and racial equality, and freedom of speech and religion.

The Center this week brought all our supporters' pledges to Trump in Washington, D.C., to give him a taste of what he's up against.

Sign our pledge now if you haven't yet, and please share it with your friends.

Scott Pruitt

Don't Let Trump's Climate Denier Run the EPA -- Take Action

Even if you can't be in D.C., you can still fight Trump this week. On Wednesday the Senate Environmental and Public Works Committee held its nomination hearing for Trump's pick to lead the Environmental Protection Agency -- and the choice could hardly be worse. As Oklahoma's attorney general, Scott Pruitt took almost $350,000 in campaign contributions from the fossil fuel industry. In return he regularly sided with corporate polluters at the expense of his constituents.

We can't let a climate denier run the EPA. While in office Pruitt actually filed suit against the EPA for trying to regulate the amount of mercury coal-fired power plants can emit, and to stop the greenhouse-gas-limiting Clean Power Plan. And he has sued the agency 14 times to eliminate protections for our air, land and water.

Every cabinet nomination must be approved by the Senate. Act now to call your senators and tell them to just say no to this outrageous appointment.

Lyla June

Join the Resistance

This resistance movement is only beginning. Over the coming weeks, months and years we'll be in touch about the best ways to join the fight -- including attending rallies, making phone calls to decision-makers, signing petitions, and working with your neighbors and allies to stand up for the values we all cherish.

Please consider donating to our Trump Resistance Fund today and pass this special edition of Endangered Earth Online to 10 of your friends and family members.

It's going to be a long, hard fight, but we will win. We have to.

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