It's time to celebrate our public lands.

Our public lands make up more than a quarter of America's landmass — a vast network of forests, rivers, deserts and grasslands that belong to the people, not corporations — and whose wellbeing we entrust to our federal agencies.

These are the lands we visit to experience beauty, solitude and quiet — to share time with our families, recreate with friends and seek out adventure. Our public lands clean our air, form the headwaters for our rivers, and cradle the wildlife and ecosystems whose health is linked to our own. But too often the influence of extractive industries — oil, gas, mining, logging, and livestock  — causes our public lands to be treated like their commodities. That's unacceptable.

Join the #OurLands campaign to help us show why it's critical to celebrate, defend and advocate for our public lands, both to protect them and to expand them. Here's how:

Post your photos of your favorite public lands on Instagram or Twitter and tag the Center using @CenterforBioDiv and add the hashtag #OurLands. If you don't have an Instagram or Twitter account, you can email photos to the Center's Clayton Norman to post on the Center's Facebook page. Include a caption on treasuring these places and the species they support.

Have questions? Email Clayton Norman.

Check out the #OurLands photos (and send more) on our Instagram page.

About #OurLands

With this campaign we ask you to join us in celebrating a better vision for our public lands — one that puts the health of our land, climate, wildlife and water first — and ends needless, harmful industrialization.

Our campaign kicked off on America's 21st annual National Public Lands Day (September 27), when many parks offered celebratory events and volunteer opportunities. But that was only the beginning: We want all of you to celebrate public lands throughout the year.

Let's get out there. Let's visit nearby parks, forests and monuments — to enjoy the beauty of our public lands with family and friends, or to volunteer for a day on their behalf. Then join the #OurLands campaign by posingt photos of the public lands you value, enjoy and work to protect.

What Makes a Great #OurLands Photo?

We want to see what the beautiful public lands across our nation look like through your eyes — the forests, rivers, deserts and grasslands that belong to us and whose wellbeing we entrust to our federal agencies.

In your photos let people know where you are, and don't forget to use the #OurLands hashtag. For this campaign horizontal photos are best. See below for examples. (The first one is similar to what you might see on your phone; the other two are photos and captions you might use.)

The Grand Canyon is BEAUTIFUL! #OurLands

Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument. #OurLands


By submitting each of your photos and/or videos (as a "Submission"), you grant the Center for Biological Diversity a nonexclusive license and permission to use the Submission on our website, on social media sites and in other communications, as well as for media purposes. In addition, you warrant that you are the creator of the Submission or the parent/legal guardian of the creator if this person is younger than 18 years of age.