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Press REleases

April 10, 2013 – ConocoPhillips Halts Plans to Drill in Alaskan Arctic

January 2, 2013 – Shell Drilling Rig, Run Aground Near Kodiak Island, Another Clear Warning of Danger of Arctic Drilling

September 17, 2012 – Shell Abandons Drilling in Arctic Ocean for 2012 After Failing to Meet Oil-spill Protection Standards

August 30, 2012 – Obama Ignores Huge Dangers in Approving Arctic Drilling Permit for Shell

July 11, 2012 – Shell's Inadequate Oil Spill Response Plans Threaten America's Arctic

May 1, 2012 – U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Asked to Investigate Shell's Statements of Arctic Drilling Risks

April 13, 2012 – Appeal Challenges Arctic Oil Drilling Decision in Chukchi Sea

March 28, 2012 – Feds OK Unproven Oil-spill Response Plan in Arctic; Move Toward Offshore Drilling Off Virginia

February 21, 2012 – Lawsuit Challenges Air Pollution Permit for Arctic Oil Drilling

November 29, 2011 – Appeal Challenges Shell's Air Permits for Arctic Oil Drilling

August 18, 2011 – As Imperiled Walruses Are Forced to Shore by Melting Ice, Obama Administration Moves Forward With Dangerous Arctic Drilling Plan

August 4, 2011 – Feds Ignore Risks and Green-light Shell Drilling in Arctic Ocean

May 18, 2011 Senate Rejects Massive Expansion of Dangerous Offshore Drilling

May 13, 2011 Center for Biological Diversity Statement on Shell's Submission of Its Chukchi Sea Exploration Plan for 2012-2013

February 3, 2011 – Shell Halts Plans to Drill in Heart of Polar Bear's Alaska Habitat

January 13, 2011 – Lawsuit Seeks to Protect Polar Bear Critical Habitat From Oil Development

December 1, 2010 – Obama Offshore Oil Plan Fails to Protect Fragile Arctic, Polar Bears From Drilling

November 10, 2010 – Lawsuit Seeks Full Disclosure of Oil-spill Cleanup Impacts on Alaska’s Endangered Wildlife

October 12, 2010 – Feds Rush Incomplete Environmental Review of Oil and Gas Drilling in Arctic Ocean

September 9, 2010 – Center for Biological Diversity Statement on State of Alaska's Lawsuit Challenging Offshore Drilling Moratorium

July 21, 2010 – Federal Court Halts Oil and Gas Activities Under Chukchi Sea Lease Sale

May 13, 2010 – Despite Court's Decision, Groups Vow to Continue to Fight Shell's Arctic Drilling

May 5, 2010 – Lawsuit Launched to Protect Polar Bears From Interior Secretary Salazar's Arctic Offshore Drilling Plan

May 4, 2010 – As Gulf of Mexico Spill Worsens, Groups Challenge Shell's Air Permits to Drill in the Arctic

July 8, 2008 – Lawsuit Filed to Protect Polar Bears and Pacific Walrus From Oil Drilling in Chukchi Sea: Rule Exempting Oil Industry Activities From Marine Mammal Protection Act Challenged

June 10, 2008 – Department of Interior Issues Oil Industry Blank Check to Harass Polar Bears and Pacific Walrus in Chukchi Sea: Rule Exempting Oil Industry Activities From Marine Mammal Protection Act Finalized

June 9, 2008 – Lawsuit to be Filed to Protect Polar Bears From Oil Development and Greenhouse Gases: Offshore Oil Development in Arctic Seas Challenged

April 8, 2008 – Oil Drilling to Hit Heart of Right Whale Habitat in Bering Sea: World’s Most Endangered Whale Will Be Sacrificed to Oil Companies

July 20, 2007 – Federal Appeals Court Calls Time Out on Controversial Arctic Oil Drilling
July 2, 2007 – Bush-Cheney Offshore Oil Plan Will Destroy Polar Bear and Whale Habitat

February 13, 2007 – Suit Filed to Protect Polar Bears and Walrus From Oil Exploration and Global Warming

Polar bear photo courtesy Flickr Creative Commons/Martha de Jong-Lantink