Get Whacked for Wildlife

I got 'whacked' 40 years ago after our first child. My wife and I thought it was the right thing for our family and the planet. Neither of us regret the decision. Life has been and continues to be great. I have and would recommend a vasectomy to anyone.

—John, California WVD2015


I was in my mid 30s, was married and established in a career. I never wanted children, mostly because of environmental reasons. When I look at the population counter on your website, it really encapsulates why I made my decision. I was lucky that the person that I found as the love of my life also did not want children. So we decided together. We have never regretted the decision.

—Greg, California WVD2015


I got a vasectomy in July this year as a 40th birthday gift to myself and my wife and every animal in the world who's affected by habitat loss, climate change, ocean acidification, poaching, animal agriculture, and every other crushing blow we deliver every time a new human is born. People are fine, but Earth has plenty. If we decide to have children, there are already many kids who need a family who cares about them. We'll adopt. The surgery was a breeze and my wife no longer has to worry about the complications possible with an IUD. And I got three days of lying in bed watching whatever garbage television I wanted guilt-free! Get whacked!

—Willie, Oregon WVD2015


I had a vasectomy about a year ago, and I'm still ecstatic I had it done. I'm 27, and my wife and I decided we didn't want to have children. We're both biologists, and we realized that no matter how much "green" technology comes out, overpopulation will still be the main driver behind environmental destruction. The vasectomy was quick, easy, and I'm definitely enjoying it. It's great having something that's so effective and permanent.

—Joshua, Virginia WVD2015


Get Whacked for Wildlife

I got a vasectomy at 27 after I had my second biological child. It was not an easy decision for a number of reasons but it is one I have never regretted. Part of the difficulty for me was that I was young. My wife knew that she did not want to have any more kids but in the back of my mind I was thinking, "you never know." Despite my trepidation I went through with the procedure which was very simple. I actually fell asleep during mine. The benefit to our lives is tremendous. We no longer have to be concerned about birth control and I feel good that we are not having an exaggerated impact on our environment by not going beyond replacing ourselves.

—Josh, North CarolinaWVD2015


October of 2014 I got my vasectomy. I was 32 at the time, single, and no kids. Often, when discussing sustainable living, our ever growing population is ignored. When population and birth rates are discussed, often the onus falls on the woman to be responsible for birth control. I think it is the responsibility of all humans; as such, I took responsibility for my fertility and got a vasectomy. I did it so we all have a future and to hopefully to help maintain our biodiversity, by leaving room for other life forms to exist and hopefully flourish. I have since found a girlfriend, and she is thrilled I was snipped. My only regret is that I did not have it done sooner.

—Jacob, New York WVD2015


My wife and I have two children, and we decided over a decade ago that 2 was enough, so I had a vasectomy. We are avid environmentalists and recognize that increasing human population is the fundamental underlying cause of the worst human impacts on the globe. A great side benefit is never having to worry about other contraception.

—Jed, California WVD2015


Get Whacked for Wildlife

My wife and I have always been concerned with overpopulation but knew we wanted children. We waited until later in life (age 35) to have our first child, a son. Once he was born, we realized the three of us made the perfect family. I decided to have a vasectomy to prevent having any more children. The earth is too overpopulated and I'm glad I did my part to slow it down. As a wildlife biologist, I see everyday what the effects of the expanding human population has on wildlife and the habitat that supports that wildlife.

—Jeff, Washington WVD2015


I had a vasectomy at the age of 35. I did not have any children and had never been married. Before my wife and I were married we had a long discussion and we were both in agreement not to have any children. The procedure was painless and only took a few minutes. My wife and I have always thought it one of the best decisions we ever made. We both love to hike and have been to about 30 National Parks. We have seen wolves and grizzly bears and would love to see a mountain lion. We both know that with fewer people wildlife has a better chance.

—Michael, Georgia WVD2015


I am 60. I had a vasectomy 30 years ago. It was a quick, simple, in-office proceedure. It was one of the best choices I ever made — for myself, for my wife, for the planet, and for wildlife. I recently retired from a career as a teacher and counselor, so I worked with children my entire professional life. We never felt that having "our own children" was necessary for us, and we created our own wonderful and fulfilling opportunities and adventures to get our "kid-fix!" Many of those relationships are still an important part of our daily lives. I know that my decision — 30 years ago - was the correct and responsible choice.

—David, Idaho WVD2015



I plan on getting a vasectomy because I understand that the biggest threat to our planet is human overpopulation. All environmental problems – climate change, the loss of biodiversity and the sixth mass extinction, pollution of our water and air, and the destruction of ecosystems – are caused by runaway overpopulation. As we reduce the size of our population, we will not only be giving the other species that share this beautiful world with us a chance to survive, but we will increase the quality of our own lives.

—Nathan, New Hampshire WVD2015


I'm married and we have a daughter, and can't imagine any good reason to make any more. They're wonderful, but energy consuming, and we're raising her to be conscious of the biome and preserving species and habitat. I was already planning on getting the vasectomy and this cause is a great one and also funny. Everyone who's in my situation I highly urge to consider a vasectomy. It's a great step towards longevity for our plant.

—Ryan, California WVD2015


Get Whacked for Wildlife

My wife and I have chosen not to have kids. For us it's both a personal choice and a choice we've made for the planet. There are too many people in the world already, and the biggest thing we can do to reduce our impact is not to create any more! Getting whacked is the most effective birth control there is, and men should take responsibility rather than always expect women to deal with birth control. Getting whacked will be my Christmas present to myself.

—Johnny, New Jersey WVD2015


I'm 36 years old and a vasectomy is something I've considered for quite some time now. In all honesty I've put out it off for far too long, mostly because I was uninformed and because of that I was very nervous about the procedure. I have two close friends of mine that have had it done and after speaking to them I'm confident that it's the right choice for me as well. I would encourage anyone that is on the fence with their decision, like I was, to just take the time to gather information, talk to your doctor or perhaps speak with others who have had the procedure done. Today I'm taking this pledge to get a vasectomy for the environment. I'll be getting the procedure next month and I'd proudly wear a get whacked for wildlife t-shirt so that I can help spread awareness and also be able to answer any questions that other men may have about it.

—Justin, California WVD2015


My vasectomy is planned for November 23 and I couldn't be happier. While having children is great, it isn't for me and to be able to produce children is a liability to my future. A vasectomy in my case has no negatives. I'm not going to submit my partner to hormonal birth control and I'll have no worries about unplanned pregnancies. Without children I will also have more time to do what I love: exploring nature.

—Steven, Kentucky WVD2015


Get Whacked for Wildlife

In a week and a half I will be getting a vasectomy. I am doing it because I just turned 30, have never wanted to personally father children and figured that I had felt that way for long enough to "make it official." Aside from the personal feelings, I have always felt that overpopulation is a big problem. Humans take up such a disproportionate share of resources, especially Americans. I look forward to taking care of kids and animals that already exist in this world, rather than making a new one.

—Johno, Maine WVD2015



I am a happily married woman that supports men and their decision to get a vasectomy to prevent unwanted pregnancies. Vasectomies are a great way to take responsibility for not only your own family but for the planet as well.

—Ruth, Virginia WVD2015


I am a 31 year old woman in a serious relationship. I have made the conscious decision not to have children. I study environmental science and I work in natural resource and wildlife management. My partner and I have discussed the idea of having children, but he and I both have a deep understanding of the impacts overpopulation has on our planet. The decision of having children is not one that we take lightly. Education and understanding is an important aspect of environmental sustainability and restoration. I am a fan of this campaign and I thank everyone involved.

—Amanda, Colorado WVD2015


Get Whacked for Wildlife

As a wildlife ecologist and conservationist, I am so excited to finally see a conservation organization being open about this issue. It can be controversial, so I think most organizations would prefer to hide under a rock. I've long been taking every opportunity to talk to people about the population problem. The bottom line is that human population growth is the single biggest threat to wildlife; everything else -- deforestation, the beef industry, pollution -- is a symptom. Though I'm not capable of having a vasectomy myself, I have pledged not to have children, for the good of the planet.

—Jennifer, New Jersey WVD2015


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