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12 Days of Christmas

Dear Center Supporter,

There can be a lot of pressure around the holidays with all the celebrations, travel, gift exchanges and family gatherings. And, as I wrote last month, all the overconsumption and waste of the season puts a lot of pressure on the planet, too.

So while you're making plans with family, it's a good time to talk about family planning — especially since more babies are conceived during the holidays than any other time of year. Endangered Species Condoms coordinator Sarah Baillie updated a classic holiday tune to help you get through the awkward conversation. Check out and share The 12 Days of Family Planning.

And let's not forget this is also a time to look forward. Earlier this week democracy prevailed over racism and misogyny in Alabama, renewing hope for the 2018 elections. As you're thinking about resolutions for the coming year, it's a good time to think about getting more involved with the resistance.

For the wild,

Stephanie Feldstein

Stephanie Feldstein
Population and Sustainability Director
Center for Biological Diversity

P.S. Today's world population is: 7,587,944,916. We can still save room for wildlife — spread the word and share this email.

Christmas lights

Crowded Planet / Holiday lights consume enough energy to power 400,000 homes for a year, and all that light pollution can disorient nocturnal animals. Save energy and save wildlife by choosing decorations that don't require electricity. Share this infographic and other tips for a more sustainable holiday.


Earth-friendly Diet / Mayors Urged to Rethink Meat

Hundreds of local leaders have committed to upholding the Paris agreement as part of the We Are Still In coalition. This outspoken dedication to climate action in the face of failed federal leadership has been inspiring. Yet animal agriculture, a major source of greenhouse gas emissions, continues to be ignored by many of these climate leaders.

That's why more than 40 environmental, health and food-advocacy groups are calling on these city and county officials to acknowledge the role of animal agriculture in climate change and implement solutions that can help shift American diets toward healthier, climate-friendly foods. Read the letter to learn more about how local governments can support sustainable diets, and share the op-ed by James and Suzy Amis Cameron on why local leaders must address meat consumption to protect the planet.

Population / Condoms Sent to U.S. Health Department

Endangered Species Condoms

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is tasked with protecting the well-being of all Americans, yet Trump has stacked the agency with people who have proposed cuts to family planning programs, supported abstinence-only education and limited access to contraception. Their extremist views are harmful to both people and the planet. The Center sent six of the worst offenders holiday care packages with Endangered Species Condoms — along with letters urging them to protect reproductive rights and expand sex education. Read more.

Take Action / Fight Trump's Border Wall

Trump's border wall would devastate communities and put dozens of wildlife species at risk. The Center is working to tear down this destructive agenda, but we need your help. Pledge to join the fight.

Wild Energy / Tax Bill Threatens Renewables

Wind farm

The Republican tax bills are full of favors for wealthy, polluting industries and increased burdens on students, teachers, senior citizens and other vulnerable communities. Among them are provisions that would scale back wind and solar incentives while opening the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling and lowering tax rates on oil and gas profits. It remains to be seen how the final bill will turn out, but the outcome could hold back the thriving renewable energy industry while giving a boost to fossil fuels. Read more.

Beat Food Waste

Five Wild Picks / Resources to Fight Food Waste

Nearly 1,000 people joined our Beat Food Waste Challenge this fall to learn how to slash their household food waste. The official challenge may be over, but these resources can help you save food, money and wildlife in the coming weeks and year.

1) The shopping guide gives you tips for the store and when you get your groceries home.

2) The cooking guide provides recipes and ideas for using all the food you buy.

3) The fridge guide helps you get organized to save food before it spoils.

4) If you're entertaining, check out Save the Food's The Guest-imator to help you serve just the right amount.

5) The FoodKeeper App is your A-to-Z guide for keeping food fresh longer.

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Photo credits: Illustration by John Dalziel/Flickr; Christmas lights by Anthony92931/Wikimedia Commons; cows by Don Shall/Flickr; Endangered Species Condoms courtesy Center for Biological Diversity; border wall by Russ McSpadden/Center for Biological Diversity; wind farm by Abhijit Patil/Flickr; food waste graphic courtesy Center for Biological Diversity.

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