Annica Kreuter
Board member, Kisco Cares Foundation and the Fund for Wild Nature

Annica Kreuter is a lifelong environmentalist and animal welfare advocate. Prior to settling in the United States, Annica worked in small-scale sustainable agriculture in her native Sweden, the fashion industry in Europe and New York, and in the music business in London and Los Angeles.

Annica has worked on a wide array of field biology projects over several decades in California and South and Central America investigating the conservation status of species ranging from insects to fish to small mammals. She has also participated in biodiversity inventories in the neotropics that have discovered multiple new species. She has two invertebrates named for her: Melaloncha annicae and Chonocepahalus kreuterae.  

Annica Kreuter is a board member of Kisco Cares Foundation, an environmental grantmaking foundation, and the Fund for Wild Nature. She lives in Joshua Tree, California.

Photo © Thomas D. Mangelsen/