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Oregon spotted frog
The Oregonian , February 24, 2012

NW Environmental News: Oregon spotted frogs -- not owls this time -- considered for endangered species protection
By Eric Mortenson

It's usually spotted owls that we hear about, but this time it's spotted frogs that are under review by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service.

The Oregonian: Federal wildlife agency steps up endangered species consideration for Oregon spotted frogs

The action was spurred by a lawsuit by Center for Biological Diversity and a subsequent court agreement.

The Oregonian: Sixty Northwest creatures will get thumbs up or down on endangered species protection

The Oregon Zoo has operated a spotted frog breeding program for some time, raising them from eggs and releasing frogs in areas that offer suitable habitat.

The Oregonian: Project hopes to spawn Oregon spotted frog revival

An interesting twist on the recovery project. In Washington state, prison inmates have raised frogs for release in the wild.

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Photo © Paul S. Hamilton