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MSNBC, February 25, 2011

High life: Fox cub evicted from top of skyscraper
Animal ate workers' scraps on 72nd story of under-construction building, newspaper says

LONDON — A fox cub was found living at the 72nd floor of the U.K.'s tallest skyscraper, it was reported Friday.

The animal, estimated to be six months old, had lived for at least two weeks on scraps of food left by workers about 945 feet up in the under-construction Shard tower in London, The Sun newspaper said.

Pest controllers managed to catch the fox and it was released near London Bridge after a health check, the tabloid reported. London is home to a large population of urban foxes.

"It was unbelievable," local government official Les Leonard told The Sun. "To get up there the fox would have had to climb 71 sets of stairs and an old-fashioned ladder.

"We finally caught him in a large fox cage, baited with chicken carcasses."

The Shard tower is due to be completed in May 2012. It will house offices, a hotel, viewing galleries, bars, restaurants and luxury apartments in a 1,016-foot tall "vertical city," according to its website.

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