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BBC News, May 6, 2011

Royal couple adopt Chester Zoo baby penguin

A baby penguin born at Chester Zoo has been adopted by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

The couple were given the 12-month adoption of Acorn, an endangered Humboldt penguin, as a wedding present from the zoo.

It said it hoped the couple would visit Acorn and extend the adoption period when it ended next May.

Humbolt penguins live naturally on the coasts of Peru and Chile.

A zoo spokesman said: "We thought that as they're both fairly nearby now on Anglesey, then William and Kate might like to take advantage of the free tickets in the adoption pack and spend a day here.

"They would also be able to watch Acorn being fed and we'd be delighted if they chose to renew the adoption at the end of 12 months."

Chester Zoo uses money raised through animal adoptions, which cost from £50 a year, to fund conservation projects.

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