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Clean Air Act
Clean Skies Network, March 9, 2010

Bill Snape Discusses Outlook For EPA's Tailoring Rule

EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson last week said she plans to raise the "tailoring rule" exemption for greenhouse gas emitters to 75,000 tons per year, up from 25,000 tons, after coal-state Democrats complained the lower standard was too onerous on farms and small businesses. The agency is preparing to use the Clean Air Act to regulate greenhouse gas emissions under the "endangerment finding." But the Clean Air Act says that as little as 250 tons of pollutants can be regulated. The EPA says that lower number is unworkable and says it only will enforce rules on those who emit about 75,000 tons, up from 25,000 tons. While EPA's Jackson has said publicly that the EPA's plans to use the Clean Air Act and the "tailoring rule" will stand up to legal scrutiny, more than a dozen lawsuits from businesses, agriculture and industry have been filed to halt the EPA's plans. Clean Skies News talks with Bill Snape, Senior Counsel for the Center for Biological Diversity, on the outlook for the EPA's tailoring rule and whether environmental groups will sue the EPA for not following the original 250 ton limit in the law.

Photo © Paul S. Hamilton