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KITV.com, September 30, 2008

Feds Propose Adding 48 Hawaii Species To Endangered List
New Approach Looks At Habitats For Species

HONOLULUA new approach in using the federal Endangered Species Act may result in more Hawaii plants and animals making the endangered list.

The federal government wants to add 48 plants and animals that are found only on Kauai.

It is doing that by identifying the ecosystems where those species are found. Those ecosystems take up more than 27,000 acres of land on the Garden Isle systems the government said are threatened.

"It's because of the threats to those ecosystems that the species are imperiled, and so what we want to do now is focus on those ecosystems and focus on the threats, eliminating those threats, and bringing those species back," Pacific Islands Fish and Wildlife Deputy Field Supervisor Gina Schultz said.

There are 45 different plants, two birds and a Hawaiian fly on the proposed list.

If approved, the government may use the new approach to tackle endangered species habitats on other islands.

"This holistic approach will benefit the recovery of the listed species and also all the species within the native ecological community," U.S. Interior Secretary Dirk Kempthorne said in a written statement.

The public has 60 days to comment on the proposal.

Proposed List Of Species (common name, scientific name):
  • Painiu Astelia waialealae
  • Awikiwiki Canavalia napaliensis
  • Akoko Chamaesyce eleanoriae
  • Akoko Chamaesyce remyi var. kauaiensis
  • Akoko Chamaesyce remyi var. remyi
  • Papala Charpentiera densiflora
  • Haha Cyanea dolichopoda
  • Haha Cyanea eleeleensis
  • Haha Cyanea kolekoleensis
  • Haha Cyanea kuhihewa
  • Haiwale Cyrtandra oenobarba
  • Haiwale Cyrtandra paliku
  • No common name Diellia mannii
  • No common name Doryopteris angelica
  • No common name Dryopteris crinalis var. podosorus
  • Naenae Dubuatia imbricata ssp. imbricata
  • Naenae Dubautia kalalauensis
  • Naenae Dubautia kenwoodii
  • Naenae Dubautia plantaginea ssp. magnifolia
  • Naenae Dubautia waialealae
  • Nohoanu Geranium kauaiense
  • No common name Keysseria erici
  • No common name Keysseria helenae
  • Kamakahala Labordia helleri
  • Kamakahala Labordia pumila
  • Lehua makanoe Lysimachia daphnoides
  • No common name Lysimachia iniki
  • No common name Lysimachia pendens
  • No common name Lysimachia scopulensis
  • No common name Lysimachia venosa
  • Alani Melicope degeneri
  • Alani Melicope paniculata
  • Alani Melicope puberula
  • Kolea Myrsine knudsenii
  • Kolea Myrsine mezii
  • No common name Phyllostegia renovans
  • Hoawa Pittosporum napaliense
  • pilo kea lau lii Platydesma rostrata
  • Loulu Pritchardia hardyi
  • Kopiko Psychotria grandiflora
  • Kopiko Psychotria hobdyi
  • No common name Schiedea attenuata
  • No common name Stenogyne kealiae
  • ohe ohe Tetraplasandra bisattenuata
  • ohe ohe Tetraplasandra flynnii
  • Akekee Loxops caeruleirostris
  • Akikiki Oreomystis bairdi
  • Hawaiian picture-wing fly Drosophila attigua
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