Resisting Trump's Attack on Our Environment and Civil Rights

No president has ever come into office promising to do so much damage to so many people in so many ways as has President Donald Trump.

He threatens our nation's democracy, health and environment. And without resistance he will dismantle the Environmental Protection Agency, gut the Clean Air and Endangered Species acts, raid our public lands, eliminate regulations protecting poor communities from pollution, deport millions, take away our reproductive freedom, and force already-oppressed people to live in fear.

But there is resistance — a vast, powerful and sustained force that stands tall and speaks with a single voice and loving heart.

At the core of that resistance is the Center and you, our supporters, and we'll be fighting, together, for what's right every single day Trump's in office.

Here you can learn about the Center's major campaigns to save our world — our environment, animals and plants, and people — from Trump's dangerous agenda.

The fight is on.



Ready to Fight Trump? Start here.

With President Trump in the White House, people power is more important than ever.

That's where you come in. When we rise up and speak with one voice, our power multiplies, and with it our ability to enact change.

Trump is a disaster for our planet, wildlife and the civil rights of people across the country. The Center has launched the Trump Action Toolkit as a fast and easy way to help activists like you stand up for what's right.

You can start by signing our pledge of resistance against Trump's radical assault on America's democracy, civil rights and environment. Don't forget to share it with your friends, family and social media networks.

Check out all the other tools on our toolkit, which is always growning.




Soon after Trump was sworn in, the Center drew up our own to-do list for resistance during the earliest days of Trump's term.

Our 25-point action plan includes:

  • Hire 10 new attorneys, investigators and activists to aggressively hold the administration accountable when it violates America's federal environmental laws.
  • Fight the confirmation of Trump's extremist, financially conflicted, unqualified cabinet nominations.
  • Stop the repeal or weakening of the Endangered Species Act.
  • Defeat efforts to give away federal public lands or turn their management over to states and corporations.
  • Strengthen alliances with groups fighting for gender and racial equality, American Indian sovereignty, LGBTQ rights, freedom of speech, press and religion, workers' rights and other civil rights and values.
  • Stop the dangerous, unnecessary Keystone XL pipeline from being resurrected.
  • Defend the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' decision to reroute the Dakota Access Pipeline to protect the culture, history and water of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe.
  • Stop the construction of a massive new wall on the U.S.-Mexico border that would destroy wildlife habitat, pollute rivers, violate national parks, wildlife refuges, forests and rivers, and cause massive social and economic disruption of border towns and cities.

Read the whole plan now.

E2T Tucson
#Earth2Trump rally in Tucson, Ariz.


The Center's first free Earth2Trump tour arrived in Washington, D.C., on Jan. 18 with resistance messages from more than 150,000 people nationwide after a three-weeks-long, two-route, 16-stop tour across the United States. Our first tour included roadshows in 16 cities from coast to coast, drawing more than 5,500 people before it even reached D.C. in the country's biggest, broadest grassroots organizing campaign focused on resisting Trump's attacks on the environment and civil rights. Every show — from Seattle, Oakland and Los Angeles to Denver, Chicago and Houston — was at capacity, including our biggest in St. Augustine, Fla., which drew more than 1,000 people. Ans at our big D.C. rally on Jan. 18, more than 250 people got to hear Congressman Jamie Raskin, Rev. Lennox Yearwood of the Hip Hop Caucus, and Keya Chatterjee of the US Climate Action Network fire up the crowd. The Center's Executive Director Kierán Suckling laid out the Center's commitment to four years' of resistance, power and compassion.

Our second Earth2Trump Roadshow of Resistance traveled across the Northeast in April, continuing to entertain and inspire with musicians and speakers, and providing yet more opportunities for people to help fight Trump's disastrous environmental policies and attacks on Native Americans, including the Dakota Access Pipeline — which Trump wasted no time putting back on the table. Just six weeks into his presidency, Trump had also already launched campaigns to gut the Environmental Protection Agency, block protection of endangered species, dump coal mining waste in streams, build a culturally and environmentally disastrous wall along the Mexican border and increase air pollution. For this second Earth2Trump tour, conservationists and indigenous groups joined forces with special determination to stop Trump's dangerous rollback of environmental and civil rights protections.

Thanks to all who attended rallies on the tour, our local partners who were essential at each stop, and those who supported us from afar. By building alliances and a unified movement, we're forming the only wall America needs: a firewall shielding the environment, endangered species, women's rights, equality and civil liberties from Trump and his corrupt system.



Photo by Don McCullough/Flickr