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The Center is a trailblazer in the movement to stop dangerous fracking in California.  In December 2011, we and the Sierra Club sued the U.S. Bureau of Land Management to prevent the toxic practice from taking place on federal lands without studying its potential harms. The sites where oil companies planned to frack include habitat for the San Joaquin kit fox  and the blunt-nosed leopard lizard, both protected as endangered species. This land also includes important watershed areas in Monterey County, which could have been devastated had the companies’ fracking plans moved forward. But we saved that land when we won the case on May 7, 2013, and the BLM postponed all oil and gas lease sales in California pending studies of fracking’s environmental risks.

The Center is also a leader in the grassroots movement to ban fracking in California, organizing people around the state to voice their opposition to fracking and educating local communities about its threats to our health and environment. Since May 2013 we’ve worked with a statewide coalition of more than 150 groups called Californians Against Fracking to call on Gov. Jerry Brown to ban this toxic technique. The Center is also working to halt fracking in California’s ocean waters.

Learn more about fracking in California and join our campaign today! For more information about our anti-fracking campaign, please contact Ash Lauth at alauth@biologicaldiversity.org or 415.436.9682 ext. 335.


The Center is also fighting fracking beyond California.

In August 2011 we joined a broad coalition of public health, environmental, academic, faith-based and other organizations in sending a formal letter calling on President Barack Obama to do everything possible to halt the expansion of fracking across the country. The next year, we submitted comments to the BLM opposing a 20,622-acre oil and gas project in Nevada that would permit fracking in important habitat for the imperiled greater sage grouse and other wildlife — and that would threaten Nevada's public health as well. In 2012 we also filed suit against the BLM for failing to protect endangered species against fracking on public lands in Michigan.In January 2014 we joined a national coalition to call on President Obama to reopen investigations into groundwater contamination from fracking in Dimock, Pennsylvania; Pavillion, Wyoming; and Parker, Texas. Learn more about fracking in the United States.


Fracking photo courtesy Flickr Commons/Fracking photo courtesy Flickr Commons/danielfoster437