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Our Campaign to Save Bats

Bats are a vital part of North America’s suite of wildlife. Not only are they fascinating creatures that evoke a sense of awe and mystery, they play a crucial rule as pollinators and insect-controllers.

Ever since white-nose syndrome began ravaging populations in the eastern United States, the Center for Biological Diversity has been fighting to stem its spread. We’ve filed petitions and emergency requests to protect certain bats as endangered, including the eastern small-footed, northern long-eared and little brown bats. We’ve mapped the march of this fungus and written to state wildlife directors in all of the lower 48 states calling for action. We’re also calling on national leaders to fund research, limit human access to caves and treat this outbreak like the massive wildlife crisis that it is.

We need your help. By lending your voice to this effort, you’re letting Congress, the president and other decision-makers around the country know something must be done now to address this unprecedented wildlife crisis.

You can start today by signing our petition, writing a letter to the editor of your local newspaper, liking our Facebook page and sharing it with friends and family.


Photo courtesy of New York Department of Environmental Conservation