Saving Biodiversity in the Age of Extinction


Protectors: Saving Biodiversity in the Age of Extinction is a portfolio of fine-art silkscreen prints celebrating those taking extraordinary measures to stop endangered birds, fish, plants, turtles and other species from vanishing forever.

The exhibit features 12 original pieces produced by the artists of the Justseeds Artists’ Cooperative. Each depicts an extinct species, an endangered species, and a person fighting to save that species. Among those featured are a tribal elder, an artist, an Indigenous border activist, a retired teacher, and scientists from different backgrounds — all determined to stem the tide of extinction. Exploring everything from community organizing to lockdowns to science education, this project shows the myriad ways anyone and everyone can get involved to protect species from the threats they face.

The complete, 12-piece project is available for acquisition and exhibit by universities, museums, libraries and galleries.

Protectors is coordinated, curated and sponsored by the Center for Biological Diversity and artist Roger Peet of the Justseeds Artists’ Cooperative.

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Learn more in this Q-and-A with the Protectors.


’I’iwi art by Fernando Martí.