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All souls' procession and macho b memorial


In March 2009 Macho B, the last known wild U.S. jaguar, was tragically euthanized after his illegal capture by the Arizona Game and Fish Department. To honor his life and spread the critical message about saving endangered jaguars, on November 8 Center for Biological Diversity staff and supporters marched in Tucson’s 20th annual All Souls' Procession — an event celebrating El Día de los Muertos, a Mexican holiday to honor the dead.

The Center’s procession included an immense homemade Macho B puppet with a paper mâché head and paws; long, shiny gold body; and multiple people inside making him move. We also had a walking — and growling — shrine to Macho B, a banner declaring “VIVA MACHO B” and “LONG LIVE WILD JAGUARS,” and numerous people decked out in full jaguar costumes. About 50 supporters marched with us through a crowd of more than 50,000, hundreds of people took our picture, and everywhere we went on the procession route we heard cheers of support from procession observers and participants alike. Many who saw us were already familiar with Macho B’s story and the Center’s work to help make sure endangered jaguars regain their place in the U.S. Southwest. 

The event was an exciting night of sharing the Center’s commitment to protecting endangered jaguars and highlighting the unnecessary loss of Macho B. Check out our slideshow of the event below and make sure to take action and make a gift to support our urgent work.

The Center would like to thank Tucson Puppetworks for its vital role in the project — we couldn't have done it without the support, guidance, and resources we received during the group's mask- and puppet-making workshops .

Banner photo by Tim Janes