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November 4, 2010 "U.S. Jaguar Habitat Designation Delayed," Scientific American

July 26, 2010 "Group initiates lawsuit against feds over jaguar permit," Arizona Capitol Times

June 21, 2010 Video: Randy Serraglio on the Arizona Game and Fish Department's permit to capture jaguars, KOLD-TV, Tucson

June 18, 2010 "Arizona Game and Fish Granted Federal Permit to "Take" Jaguars 15 Months After Botched "Macho B" Job," Phoenix New Times

March 16, 2010 "Environmental group calls for protected habitat to be set aside for jaguars in the American Southwest," Los Angeles Times

February 4, 2010 "The Death of Macho B," Albuquerque Journal

January 23, 2010 "Arizona Intentionally Snared Last Jaguar, Inquiry Finds," The New York Times

January 12, 2010 "Feds to set recovery plan, critical habitat for jaguar," Arizona Daily Star

December 10, 2009 "To catch an American jaguar," Los Angeles Times

September 24, 2009 "Arizona Game and Fish sued over death of jaguar Macho B," Arizona Daily Star

May 12, 2009 "Tucson center plans suit over jaguar death," Arizona Daily Star

April 2, 2009 "I baited jaguar trap, research worker says," Arizona Daily Star

March 31, 2009 "Ruling: Feds must rethink reasons for not helping jaguars," Tucson Citizen

March 24, 2009 "Jaguar court fight centers on habitat," Arizona Daily Star

March 9, 2009 – "R.I.P. for Macho B, the rare jaguar euthanized in Arizona," Los Angeles Times

February 21, 2009 – "Jaguar's capture hailed as info boon," Arizona Daily Star

January 18, 2008 – “U.S. Opts Not to Plan for Jaguar Recovery,” Arizona Daily Star

August 20, 2007 – “Security Fences Prevent Jaguars Coming Home,” New Zealand Herald

August 3, 2007 – “Group Sues for Jaguar Recovery,” Los Angeles Times

October 10, 2006 – “Gone for Decades, Jaguars Steal Back to Southwest,” New York Times

July 24, 2006 – “Conservationists to Government: Time to Aid Endangered Jaguars in United States,” E-wire

November 17, 2004 – “Threats to Rare U.S. Jaguar Increase Along with Sightings,” Pacific News Service

Photo © Robin Silver