YEAR PLACED ON LIST: 1972 (foreign list only); 1997 (United States)

CRITICAL HABITAT: 764,207 acres, or 1,194 square miles, of critical habitat designated in 2014

RECOVERY PLAN: None; forthcoming recovery plan announced January 2010

RANGE: North from Argentina to the U.S.-Mexico borderlands, where a small population continues to live

THREATS: Habitat loss, federal predator control, and construction of a U.S.-Mexico border wall

POPULATION TREND: An estimated 10,000 jaguars are left in the wild today, almost all of them in Mexico. Though these cats once roamed throughout the southern United States, most recently only one was known in Arizona until it was killed in 2009 by Arizona Game and Fish — and now one more has been sighted more than 100 times in Arizona's Santa Rita Mountains since 2011. Before 2009, only four jaguars had been confirmed in Arizona and New Mexico since the mid-1990s.

Photo ©Jonathan Troung