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Melting ice

August 27, 2012 "In climate landmark, Arctic ice melts to record low," AFP

July 27, 2012 "Greenland's ice sheet melt: A sensational picture of a blunt fact," The Guardian

February 27, 2012 "Unusual Weather: Arctic Sea Ice Decline May Be Driving Snowy Winters Seen in Recent Years in N. Hemisphere," Science Daily

January 30, 2012 "Arctic Is Already Suffering the Effects of a Dangerous Climate Change," Science Daily

September 12, 2011 "Arctic ice levels hit historic low, researchers say," CNN

July 16, 2011 "Collapsing Coastlines: How Arctic shores are pulled asea," Science News

July 11, 2011 "Arctic may be ice-free within 30 years," The Guardian

June 13, 2011 "USGS: Global Warming Drives Rockies Snowpack Loss Unrivaled in 800 Years, Threatens Western Water Supply," U.S. Geological Survey

Photo courtesy Flickr Commons/Maggie&David