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(Gulf of Maine) Atlantic salmon
Acan brain coral (Acanthastrea brevis)
Acan brain coral (Acanthastrea ishigakiensis)
Acan brain coral (Acanthastrea regularis)
Adelie penguin
African penguin
Agassiz's coral
A'kiapola a'u
Alabama beach mouse
Alpine chipmunk
Amargosa toad
American pika
American wolverine
Antarctic krill
Applegate's milk-vetch
Arctic fox
Arkansas River shiner
Arroyo toad
Ash Meadows gumplant
Ash-gray indian paintbrush
Ashy storm-petrel
Aspera staghorn coral
Atlantic white marlin
Attwater's prairie chicken
Barton Springs salamander
Bay checkerspot butterfly
Bearded seal
Bengal tiger
Big Bear Valley sandwort
Black abalone
Black flying fox
Black-breasted puffleg
Black-capped vireo
Black-footed albatross
Black-spored quillwort
Blue spiny lizard
Bonneville cutthroat trout
Boreal toad
Bowhead whale
Branching hammer coral
Broad headed snake
Buena Vista Lake ornate shrew
Bull trout
Burrowing owl
Butte County meadowfoam
Cagle's map turtle
California clapper rail
California dandelion
California orcutt grass
California red-legged frog
California spotted owl
California tiger salamander
Canada lynx
Canelo Hills ladies' tresses
Cape Sable seaside sparrow
Carson wandering skipper
Cascades frog
Cassin's auklet
Castle coral
Cauliflower coral (Pocillopora danae)
Cauliflower coral (Pocillopora elegans)
Central California coast steelhead trout
Chinook salmon
Chiricahua leopard frog
Choctawhatchee beach mouse
Chum salmon
Coachella Valley milk vetch
Coastal California gnatcatcher
Collared pika
Colombian woolly monkey
Comal Springs dryopid beetle
Conservancy fairy shrimp
Contra Costa goldfields
Cook Inlet beluga whale
Cook's lomatium
Cozumel curassow
Cup coral (Turbinaria mesenterina)
Cup coral (Turbinaria peltata)
Delmarva Peninsula fox squirrel
Delta green ground beetle
Delta smelt
Desert nesting bald eagle
Desert pupfish
Desert tortoise
Devil's River minnow
Diamond head schiedea
Eastern moose
Elkhorn coral
Elliptical star coral
Emperor penguin
Erect-crested penguin
False flower coral (Anacropora puertogalerae)
False flower coral (Barabattoia laddi)
False killer whale
Fender's blue butterfly
Fin whale
Fiordland crested penguin
Fish-slough milk vetch
Fleshy owl's clover
Florida manatee
Florida panther
Florida prairie clover
Flowerpot coral
Fringed myotis
Frosted flatwoods salamander
Galapagos penguin
Geoffrey's spider monkey
Giant kangaroo rat
Giant sequoia
Gila chub
Gila trout
Golden bowerbird
Golden sedge
Golden-shouldered parrot
Graham's penstemon
Gray whale
Gray-headed flying fox
Green sea turtle
Green sturgeon
Greene's tuctoria
Grey-headed robin
Grizzly bear
Gunnison sage grouse
Hairy orcutt grass
Harp seal
Hawa'i a'kepa
Hawaiian monk seal
Hawksbill sea turtle
Headwaters chub
Hector's dolphin
Helmeted honeyeater
Hemprich's brain coral
Henderson's checkermallow
Hermes copper butterfly
Hidden Lakes bluecurls
Hine's emerald dragonfly
Holmgren's milk vetch
Hooded dotterel
Hooded seal
Hoover's spurge
Huachuca water umbel
Human being
Humboldt penguin
Humboldt squid
Humphead wrasse
Indiana bat
Inyo California towhee
Island marble butterfly
Ivory gull
Ivory tree coral
Johnson's seagrass
Karner blue butterfly
Kemp's ridley sea turtle
Key deer
King penguin
Kittlitz's murrelet
Kootenai River white sturgeon
Laguna Mountains skipper
Lamarck's sheet coral
Lane Mountain milk vetch
Large-flowered woolly meadowfoam
Las Vegas buckwheat
Laysan albatross
Laysan duck
Laysan finch
Least Bell's vireo
Least chub
Leatherback sea turtle
Loach minnow
Loggerhead sea turtle
Longfin smelt
Lower Keys marsh rabbit
Lungless salamander
Macaroni penguin
Marbled murrelet
Maui parrotbill
Medium tree finch
Mexican flannelbush
Mexican garter snake
Mexican gray wolf
Mexican spotted owl
Miami blue butterfly
Mississippi gopher frog
Moapa dace
Mono Basin sage grouse
Montana fluvial arctic grayling
Mountain pygmy possum
Mountainous star coral
Mt. Graham red squirrel
Musk ox
North Atlantic right whale
North Pacific right whale
Northern rockhopper penguin
Northern Rockies gray wolves
Northern spotted owl
O'ahu 'elepaio
Oceanic Hawaiian damselfly
Octopus coral
Okinawa dugong
Oregon spotted frog
Oyster mussel
Pacific lamprey
Pacific pocket mouse
Pacific walrus
Packard fairy shrimp
Paiute cutthroat trout
Panamanian golden frog
Parish's daisy
Peck's cave amphipod
Peirson's milk vetch
Peninsular bighorn sheep
Perdido Key beach mouse
Pillar coral
Piping plover
Pitchers thistle
Po o'uli
Polar bear
Preble's meadow jumping mouse
Puerto Rico rock frog (coqui)
Puget Oregonian
Puget Sound killer whale
Purple bean
Queen Charlotte goshawk
Quino checkerspot butterfly
Quitobaquito pupfish
Quiver tree
Ramshaw meadows sand verbena
Red howler monkey
Red-breasted goose
Relict leopard frog
Resplendent quetzal
Ribbon seal
Ringed seal
Rio Grande cutthroat trout
Riverside fairy shrimp
Robbins cinquefoil
Rota bridled white-eye
Rough rabbitsfoot
Roundtail chub
Royal penguin
Sacramento Mountains checkerspot butterfly
Sacramento splittail
Salt marsh harvest mouse
San Bernardino kangaroo rat
San Bernardino Mountains bluegrass
San Diego ambrosia
San Francisco lessingia
San Jacinto crownscale
San Joaquin kit fox
Sand Mountain blue butterfly
Santa Ana sucker
Schaus swallowtail butterfly
Scott Bar salamander
Sea butterfly (pteropod; Clione antarctica)
Sea butterfly (pteropod; Clione limacina)
Sea butterfly (pteropod; Limacina helicina)
Sea otter
Seabeach amaranth
Short-tailed albatross
Showy stickseed
Sierra Nevada bighorn sheep
Sierra Nevada mountain yellow-legged frog
Siskiyou Mountain salamander
Small alpine xenica
Smalltooth sawfish
Smith's blue butterfly
Snares crested penguin
Snowy owl
Sockeye salmon
Solano grass
Sonora tiger salamander
Sonoran pronghorn antelope
Sonoran toad
Sonoyta mud turtle
Southern California steelhead trout
Southern corroboree frog
Southern rockhopper penguin
Southwestern myotis
Southwestern willow flycatcher
Spalding's catchfly
Spectacled eider
Sperm whale
Spiny damselfish
Spoon-billed sandpiper
Spotted seal
Spring Mountains springsnail
Staghorn coral (Acropora aculeus)
Staghorn coral (Acropora dendrum)
Staghorn coral (Acropora donei)
Staghorn coral (Acropora globiceps)
Staghorn coral (Acropora horrida)
Staghorn coral (Acropora jacquelineae)
Staghorn coral (Acropora listeri)
Staghorn coral (Acropora lokani)
Staghorn coral (Acropora microclados)
Staghorn coral (Acropora pharaonis)
Staghorn coral (Acropora polystoma)
Staghorn coral (Acropora retusa)
Staghorn coral (Acropora speciosa)
Staghorn coral (Acropora striata)
Staghorn coral (Acropora tenella)
Staghorn coral (Acropora vaughani)
Staghorn coral (Acropora verweyi)
Starflower coral
Steller sea lion
Steller's eider
Stephen’s kangaroo rat
Thorne's hairstreak butterfly
Three-toed box turtle
Topeka shiner
Tricolored blackbird
Trumpet coral
Unarmored threespined stickleback
Utah prairie dog
Vermilion darter
Vernal pool fairy shrimp
Vernal pool tadpole shrimp
Warner sucker
West Virginia northern flying squirrel
Western gull-billed tern
Western moose
Western snowy plover
White abalone
White grape coral
White-flippered penguin
White-tailed ptarmigan
Whooping crane
Willowy monardella
Wood turtle
Xantus's murrelet
Yellow scroll coral
Yellow-billed cuckoo
Yellow-billed loon
Yellow-eyed penguin
Yellow-footed wallaby
Yosemite toad


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