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Media highlights

March 2013 – "Court Hearing Focuses on Whether EPA Must Protect Hundreds of Endangered Species From Pesticides"

July 2012 – "An amphibian take on our atrazine nation," Contra Costa Times

November 2011 – "Herbicide Atrazine Spurs Reproductive Problems in Many Creatures, Report Finds," Science Daily

September 2010 – "Stronger controls urged on chemicals in water," San Francisco Chronicle

August 2009 – "New Research: Herbicide Atrazine Linked to Cancer, Birth Defects, Endocrine Disruption, and Endangered Species Impacts"

July 2009 – "Lawsuit targets possible pesticide effects on polar bears," E & E News

July 2009 – "Pesticide Victory: Proposal to Restrict Toxic Pesticides in Bay Area Endangered Species Habitat"

January 2007 – "Nonprofit threatens to sue EPA over pesticides," San Mateo Daily News

August 2006 – “US: It's Not Easy Being Green: Are Weed-Killers Turning Frogs into Hermaphrodites?” Harper’s Magazine

August 2005 – "Endangered Salamander Spotlights Risks of Common U.S. Pesticide," Environment News Service


California red-legged frog photo © Colin Brown