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Book: Black Tide: The Devastating Impact of the Gulf Oil Spill

Antonia Juhasz’s brand-new Black Tide is the only book to tell the story of the BP oil spill through the eyes of people on all sides of the catastrophe, from those who lost their lives, loved ones and livelihoods to those who made the policies that set the devastating event in motion, those who cut the corners that put corporate profits over people and the environment, and those who have committed their lives to ensuring that such an event is never repeated.

In this book, you'll follow “plume hunters” tracking the oil across the ocean and workers who clean up the toxic mess. Dedicated scientists expose the harms of dispersants while shrimpers, crabbers and fishers take you onto their boats to share a way of life that may never recover. American Indian families fight for survival as environmentalists — including the Center for Biological Diversity on the front lines — mount a defense from the beaches of Florida to the halls of Congress.

Juhasz — an award-winning author and oil industry watchdog whose previous book The Tyranny of Oil warned that this could happen — spoke in Washington, D.C., on Earth Day 2011 to talk about the Gulf disaster, its consequences and where we need to go from here. The author’s presentation was accompanied by a talk by Center cofounder and Conservation Director Peter Galvin. The Center cosponsored the event.

Learn more about Antonia Juhasz and Black Tide.

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